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RulesTab sample

Using the new IFiddlerExtension interface from Fiddler2, I've created a simple Rules tab that enables editing of your FiddlerScript script without running a separate program. 



  1. Download the and extract RulesTab.dll
  2. Place RulesTab.dll in your My Documents\Fiddler2\Scripts folder.

Source Excerpt

using System;
using System.Text;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using Fiddler;

[assembly: Fiddler.RequiredVersion("")]

namespace RulesTab
  public class RulesTab : IFiddlerExtension
    private TabPage oPage;
    private RuleEditor oEditor;

    public void OnLoad() {
      oPage = new TabPage("Rules");
      oEditor = new RuleEditor();
      oEditor.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;

    public void OnBeforeUnload(){}

Change Log
6/28/07 - v2.0.1 Rewritten against new IFiddlerExtension interface
5/16/07 - v1.0.2 Save button accessible via CTRL+S or ALT+I hotkey.
2/26/07 - v1.0.1 Update to match IAutoFiddle interface.
9/01/09 - v2.4.0 Update to use FiddlerApplication.UI

©2018 Eric Lawrence